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(scroll down for events here in Michigan, including our Regional Retreat at Camp Skyline, and to the bottom for nearby events with Dharma Teachers)

Our root teacher, the Most Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh is now happily living at Plum Village Thailand. A recent visitor relates that he seems surprisingly healthy, enjoying the community and especially the koi fish swimming in the lotus pond outside his comfortable hut. He smiles.

Thay was recently able to visit Vietnam again for a few days. The visit included a stop at the temple in Hue where he began his monastic training in 1942. He has now returned to Plum Village Thailand where he will continue to live.

You may read news about Thay's activities and condition at the Plum Village website:

Recorded videos of Thay's dharma talks from previous years can be found online.

Michigan Events

A Regional Mindfulness Retreat in the tradition of
                                                                     Thich Nhat Hanh
Camp Skyline Retreat and Conferance Center
5650 Sandhilll Rd
Almont, Michigan 48003

October 13, 14& 15, 2017
Friday, Saturday, Sunday

This beautiful location is the highest point in Lapeer County, just off I-69 and just over an hour from Metro Detroit and Port Huron. Thanks to the enthusiastic support of "retreat encouragers" we can now offer a reduced scholarship rate of just $15 for those with limited incomes. See your local sangha or contact Sam Ewalt for

Early bird discount fee: $60 until August 31, after that the regular fee is $75. A limited number of private two-person rooms are available for an extra fee of $20 per room.

Scholarship fee: $15. Scholarships are available for anyone who needs one, just send in $15 and you qualify.  The camping fee is $15.  Day visitors are welcome on a donation basis.

Please send your registrations with a check or money order made out to "Regional Retreats"to:

Sam Ewalt
50 Mack Ave Lot 44
Marysville, MI 48040   


Food Arrangements and What to Bring to Camp Skyline

We will enjoy mindful, potluck meals at the retreat with everyone encouraged to bring a vegetarian contribution for either one breakfast or one dinner and a contribution for the Mindful Nourishment Tea Table. We will be sharing food preparation and cleanup for our potluck meals.

********If your birthday falls on an even-numbered day please bring a dinner contribution. If your birthday falls on an odd-numbered day please bring a breakfast contribution.*********

We will enjoy breakfast at 10 AM and dinner at 5 PM. Your contribution can be as simple as a some fruit or nuts as complex as a prepared dish of your choosing. Food should be prepared at home. Refrigeration and cooking space is limited. Crock pots and coolers suggested. Free ice will be available. Rice and oatmeal will be provided. Hot water for tea and coffee will be available at the snack table throughout the weekend along with your snack table contributions. This year we are renaming the "snack table" the "Mindful Nourishment and Tea Table" and suggest you practice being aware of what you are offering to others there and what you are consuming yourself. To preserve the fabric of mindfulness during the retreat social conversation at the Tea Table will be limited to a defined period on Saturday afternoon.

As some of us feel strongly about our diets please label vegan or gluten free dishes as such if there might be confusion about their contents. It will be assumed that dishes not labeled might contain eggs, cheese, other dairy products or gluten.

Please try to be mindful of the sources of your foods and please be mindful that we will be a diverse group with many different food preferences and opinions. Please bring food you enjoy and would like to share.

                     *********What to Bring***********

1.YOUR OWN BOWL/PLATE, CUP, CUTLERY and NAPKIN. We will not be providing
these items. Everyone will wash their own dishes.

2.YOUR OWN PILLOW, PILLOWCASE, SHEETS, BLANKETS or SLEEPING BAG and TOWELS. The camp does not normally provide these items. The beds are twin size except for the extra double beds in the rooms reserved for couples.

The camp has a limited number of linen service packages available with all
of the above items for an additional charge of eight dollars for the

3. YOUR CONTRIBUTION of either ONE BREAKFAST or ONE DINNER ITEM and SOMETHING for the SNACK TABLE. (food items need not be elaborate, something simple would be fine)

4. YOUR MEDITATION CUSHION or BENCH if you have one. Some cushions
and plenty of chairs will be available.

5. YOUR YOGA MAT if you want to join the optional yoga practice. The floor is carpeted.


You may arrive anytime after 4 PM on Friday, having had dinner elsewhere. No dinner will be served on Friday but snacks will be available when you arrive.

Please come to the big building at the top of the hill when you arrive for your room assignment.We will begin the the retreat with Orientation and Meditation at 7:30 PM. The retreat will conclude after lunch on Sunday, perhaps by 2 PM.

We will be doing some outdoor walking meditation so bring comfortable walking shoes, a jacket, hat and what you need to be comfortable. A small
flashlight is handy in the shared rooms at night and an alarm clock might be useful.

Please co-operate mindfully with your roommates and if you're
nimble please take an upper bunk as needed.

Skyline Camp Retreat and Retreat Center
5650 Sandhill Road
Almont, Michigan 48003.

The camp phone number is 810-798-8240.

Mindfulness Retreats at Song of the Morning

The Bluewater Community and the growing statewide sangha are continuing to offer five day mindfulness
retreats at Song of the Morning Yoga Retreat Center in Vanderbilt, Michigan.

Please come join us for the weekend, all five days or just an afternoon. Song of the
Morning is beautifully located deep in the north woods along a pristine river and is
ideal for deepening your practice and enjoying friendly support and encouragement.

Song of the Morning is now offering beds in the "Domes" on a sliding scale
basis, including meals. Please offer whatever you are able for accommodation in the
"Domes". Some private rooms and de luxe suites are also available at their regular rates.

Camping is also encouraged. Actually, for the February dates it would be more accurate to
say "camping allowed, but not encouraged", but certainly encouraged in the springtime.

We have confirmed dates for 2018.
February 14-18, 2018
May 30-June 3, 2018

 Please contact Sam Ewalt ewalt@glis.netfor details.

Mindfulness Retreats with Dharma Teachers 

This coming year many different Dharma Teachers in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh will conduct retreats in Michigan or within easy driving distance in Ohio, Illinois, and Ontario.  We are lucky to have these wonderful opportunities to practice. 

We will also be continuing our periodic five day mindfulness retreats at Song of the Morning Yoga Retreat Center in Northern Michigan.  And of course we can always practice right here, right now, wherever we might be.

A Day of Mindfulness with Dharma Teacher Jack Lawlor
Saturday November 4, 2017 (tentative)

Lansing, Michigan
Sponsored by Lansing Area Mindfulness Community


 A Five Day Retreat with Dharma Teachers Larry Ward and         Peggy Rowe 

"Theme to be announced"

March 21-25, 2018, Wednesday to Sunday
Saints Peter and Paul Retreat Center
Newark, Ohio
Sponsored by The Blue Heron Sangha, Columbus, Ohio

Contact Sandy Coen for information or 614-268-0838