Blue Water Community of Mindful Living

Our Practice


Due to the fire at Unity-Blue Water on 17th St we have changed the location for our meetings. Our new location is:

Dry Dock Recovery
412 Huron Ave
Port Huron, MI 48060
This is in downtown Port Huron directly across from McMorran Auditorium

We meet every Sunday at 2:30pm - doors open at 2:15pm


We practice sitting and walking meditation in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese Buddhist teacher, which emphasizes mindfulness.

According to  The Mindfulness Bell, the national publication and website of The Community of Mindful Living,  "To be mindful means to dwell deeply in the present moment, to be aware of what is going on within and around us.

Practicing mindfulness cultivates understanding, love, compassion and joy. This practice helps us to take care of and transform suffering in our lives and in our society.

Our practice is simple and easy to follow. We offer instruction to beginners  There are comfortable chairs and floor cushions available. Normally we sit for around twenty-five minutes followed by some walking meditation and another shorter period of sitting. Periodically we recite together the Five Mindfulness Trainings and once a quarter the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings, which are the basis of our practice and a guide to happy living. The text of the Trainings can be found on our "Study" page. 

Other activities are planned  throughout the year.