Blue Water Community of Mindful Living - click here
Thich Nhat Hanh's practice community and retreat in France. Updates on Thay's health, The Mindfulness Trainings and  other practices. Retreats and residential opportunities throughout the year.

Blue Cliff Monastery - click here

A monastic community in the Plum Village tradition. A day's drive from Port Huron in the beautiful rocky hills of New York. Open for short and long term stays throughout the year.

Lansing Area Mindfulness Community - click here
The Lansing area group is very active and meets every Wednesday evening at the beautiful Vietnamese Buddhist Temple om Martin Luther King Blvd. - click here
Zaltho Foundation, founded by Claude AnShin Thomas, American Vietnam veteran and Buddhist monk, wanderer for peace. Anshin works with and for the healing of veterans and other victims of traumatic violence. - click here
Community of Mindful Living website, The Mindfulness Bell magazine, information about the Order of Interbeing and a worldwide directory of Community of Mindful Living groups.  Find a group to visit when you travel.

Bay Area Community of Mindful Living - click here

Bay City mindfulness community meets weekly on Wednesday to share the dharma with all beings.

Recovery Dharma online - click here
RDO is an independent Recovery Dharma community that works together to host safe, inclusive, and reliable Buddhist-inspired recovery meetings.